Keep Your Notes Organized

Easily track your tasks and their statuses.

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Organize your daily activities in one place.

Structure your project updates to include achievements, blockers, and goals.

Manage Your Tasks

Record your day's tasks in a simple format. Mark each task done, in progress, or blocked. Add notes to remember what you did or to remind yourself of questions to ask.

Prepare for Standup

Review your notes from yesterday. Organize your thoughts and deliver your update with confidence. Record answers to questions and resolutions to blocked tasks.

Invite the rest of your team

Enable better collaboration with your teammates. Foster trust and accountability. Identify opportunities to help others and improve your processes.

Giving Updates is Easy

Enable concise update meetings for stakeholders and teams.

Organize your product's development in one place.

Quickly share daily updates including achievments, blockers, and goals.

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